Growler - Realistic Stone Sculpture

Two facts about this stone sculpture. The original block was so heavy I couldn’t lift it. Secondly the grey natural colour is polished to an extremely lustrous black. A black so bottomless you cannot see where the surface begins.

The bear and base are one continuous piece of stone. The visual separation is the bear is sanded and polished to reveal the black colour and base has a rough worked face.

What can be more imposing (threatening) than a larger muscular mass turning its face towards you? Searching you out. Silently holding you in its gaze. That is how you feel when this large shiny black bear paces in front of you. How can a stone feel threatening? It is a matter of shaping the stone so that you can see the muscle mass tense, exuding energy. The intensity of the piece is released, even transferred to you the observer, through its stare. Enjoy the shivers.