Fine Art Commissions

The definition of a successful fine art commissionI accept fine art commissions to create a unique stone sculpture based on your vision and needs.

It may be as an employee gift, a personal present for a special occasion, or a piece of artwork for the workplace or your home.

When a client and sculptor work together, the resulting fine art commission is exceptional.

To begin, we’ll arrange a meeting to discuss your ideas, budget, and timing; if possible bring a photo or a sketch of what you have in mind.

I will deliver within a 100km radius of Glen Williams.

Examples of Collaborations with Clients on Fine Art Commissions

Turning a Contractor’s Mistake into a Beautiful Stone Fireplace

A client had a beautiful stone fireplace selected for their new home. Unfortunately the contractor cast their company name in the face of the fireplace stonework. The client wondered if I could somehow make the “ugly name” disappear.

Working with the client we created a fine art stone piece representing her family’s coat of arms. The sculptured coat of arms was attached to the stone fireplace over the contractor’s name. The fireplace mantle is now a very fine custom commissioned and personalized work of art.

Capturing Emotions in Stone

Fine Arts Commisions - Stone HeartSometimes a fine art commission can represent a very personal experience and emotional event. At first glance it would seem counterintuitive to attempt to represent emotion in stone. But with some imagination and creativity it is possible.

A client asked if I could make a heart sculpture that reflected a personal health experience involving her and her son. A simple heart would not do justice to the emotional experience that I had been commissioned to represent with a sculpture. I started by drawing sketches of possible heart shapes in configurations that suggest unity. I selected a stone that conveys warmth, translucent alabaster.

The result is a fine art sculpture of a larger heart overlain with a smaller heart both inclined at angles as one would tilt their head. The translucent alabaster stone when backlit glows warm and the smaller heart appears as a heart shaped shadow inside the larger heart. The many small fissures in the stone block the light and appear as dark veins and arteries. The realism is breath taking.

Not Just Any Stone Toad

ToadJust as I was starting out sculpting I was asked if I could make a stone toad. But it wouldn’t be just any toad. You see Toad was the nickname of the client’s father who had passed away. Of course the person didn’t look like a toad but it was a challenge to make a stone toad that had an endearing face.

The added twist was to place a small hole in the underside in which could be inserted a small quantity of cremated ash. The client had commissioned a memorable piece of fine art as a memorial.


If you have a sculpture that is need of a touchup to remove scuffs or scratches these marks can be carefully sanded or buffed away and the piece look like new. More serious damage such as a chip or broken part may be re-worked to blend the missing element in to the overall sculpture.